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Buying new fairings for your bike is a big deal.  These aren’t a small purchase, and they completely define the look of your motorcycle.

The problem is, buying fairings from the original manufacturer is either extremely expensive, or simply not an option if your bike is more than a generation or two out of production.

Buying fairings on common auction sites is typically where most people start looking, but this can be fraught with issues.  About 5 years ago (before this business existed) I was looking for fairing replacements for my GSXR750, and in the end went down the eBay route.  The fairings I received were absolutely terrible, flimsy plastics, yet brittle after just a few weeks on the bike.  The paint was “close”, if you’d only ever had the colors described to you over the phone.

That’s not to say that good deals can’t be found, but the problem is with newly manufactured non-OEM pieces from auction sites, is that you never really know what quality to expect until you’ve got them bolted onto your bike.

Buying fairings from online merchants is at the very least more reliable, purely by virtue of the fact you’re dealing with an established business at the very least, who can’t just “turn their eBay account off” and disappear.  This being said, there are still plenty of things to look out for:

  • Is the website you’re looking at buying from reliable?
  • Where is the company based? Somewhere with consumer protection laws like the US or Europe? If not are they trying to make it hard to find out?
  • Does the website have HTTPS and secure shopping? Do they have clear terms and conditions?
  • Does the company offer support after you’ve paid for the Fairings? Do they offer hassle-free returns?


Then there’s the fairings themselves, you need to know what you’re buying, and make sure you get what you paid for (this is particularly true of the ones bought on auction sites of course).

  • Fairings should always be injection molded
  • They should always have mounting points included in the original injection mold
  • Paint matching should be done by manufacturer color code & design specification
  • ABS plastic is the closest typically available material – but make sure its A-grade, not recycled.