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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Install these Fairings myself?

Can you remove and reassemble your stock fairings?  If you can, then there’s really no reason you wouldn’t be able to install our fairings.

No special skills are required, just some tools, patience and a willingness to get your hands a bit dirty! (Although, when the fairings are off your bike, its an ideal time to have a good deep clean of all the parts that collect dirt as well!)

If you’ve never tried to do any type of DIY motorcycle maintenance, then we suggest you either get a friend to help, or have your local motorcycle repair shop carry out the installation.

Depending on the motorcycle model and your experience, a complete installation can take anything from 2 to 6 hours.

How do they compare to OEM fairings?

Our fairings are manufactured to the same quality as any original manufacturers piece.

We exclusively use top grade ABS plastic in our manufacturing process, and exclusively use injection molding to ensure both consistent quality control, and perfect fitment vs. OEM panels.

It is worth calling out though: these are not necessarily identical to OEM fairings in certain ways:  fitment hardware may differ, as may fitment between the fairing pieces themselves (for example, some manufacturers may use “tongue and groove” connections between pieces, where we have mounting areas for clips or bolts).

This is how we manage to manufacture the quality you’re looking for, at a price that actually makes sense instead of the thousands more that original pieces cost.

The external appearance of the fairings however, is identical to the OEM ones once its all installed, so without stripping the bike again, nobody would know.

Are these “eBay” fairings?

NO! These are not eBay fairings, and they differ in a couple of important ways.

Firstly, fairings purchased off eBay are often compression molded pieces instead of injection molded.  Pretty much every seller claims that their products are injection, but we’ve seen dozens of customers come to us after buying poor quality pieces first.

Compression molding doesn’t result in accurate fairings that fit straight onto your bike, by far our favorite description (this came from a customer who came to us after buying eBay fairings) is: “They look like they were made by someone who’d had the bike described to him on the phone, but had never actually seen it himself”.

The second issue with fairings bought on auction sites, is the quality control of materials used.  ABS plastic comes in all qualities and prices, and while you absolutely need the right properties for motorcycle fairings (durability, some flexibility to prevent shattering, lightness), there is no guarantee that fairings bought elsewhere aren’t manufactured out of recycled plastic bags or clothes hangers.

Whats the deal with Chinese manufactured fairings?

Did you know almost all motorcycle fairings are actually manufactured in China?  Some are made in Japan, or other countries, but overwhelmingly Chinese manufacturing is the standard for both after-market and OEM manufacturing these days.

Thats not to say that all Chinese manufactured fairings are the same in quality though!  If you buy your fairings through an auction site you’re likely to get D-grade fairings which may be potentially unsafe in the event of a drop.

Our fairings are also contract manufactured in China, but we guarantee the quality of our products manufacturing process, materials and paint for 12 months after installation.

Will the Colors Match?

This is a tough one to answer correctly…  We use the correct paint codes wherever possible from the manufacturers for all our fairings – which should ensure a perfect match.

There are a couple of caveats to that though, certain models have multi-layered paint processes that would be near impossible to color match even if we had your bike in the paint shop.  Luckily these are few and far between though, and you’ll likely know already if this will be an issue for you.

The other factor to consider is aging.  While our fairings are painted to manufacturer specification, if your gas tank has been sat in the sun for 10+ years, its unlikely to still match specification meaning the fairings might look brighter, or pop more in comparison.

If this is a huge concern to you, we strongly suggest buying the unpainted versions of our fairings (they are available for every bike, and cost quite a bit less), and have them painted locally to you by a shop you trust.

Whats the difference between these fairings and originals?

Visually at least, there are very few if any differences.

Once installed on your motorcycle these should be near impossible to tell from OEM fairings that cost 5x-8x more on average.

Despite this there are some differences:  mounting points or hardware may be different, our fairings may be very slightly heavier than stock (a pound or so on the whole bike), interconnections between fairing pieces may be different and so on.

Still got a Question? Ask it!

Our frequently asked questions all came from other motorcycle owners just like you – we know it can be worrying spending hundreds on new fairings, so we’re happy to answer anything!