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Here at Factory Fairings LLC, we only manufacture great quality replacement sportsbike fairings, at a fraction of the OEM equivalent cost.

Like everybody else, we manufacture in China (many OEM’s manufacture their plastic parts there), but unlike fairings for sale on eBay or from other vendors, we take quality seriously.

Our fairings are all 100% injection molded top grade ABS plastic, other companies use compression molding techniques, and recycling grade ABS supplies.

What does this mean to you?

ABS molded parts are manufactured to less than a 1mm margin of error (around 1/24th of an inch).  Compression molded parts are much less accurate, but other vendors use them given their lower cost to manufacture.

For comparison purposes, Lego bricks are made of similar quality ABS plastic as our fairings, where other companies use much weaker low grade plastics, which age and weather rapidly and provide limited heat, or impact protection.

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