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Why Use Non-OEM Fairings?

If you’re looking to replace the plastics on your motorcycle, you’ve got a couple of options, OEM, Replica and Racing.  Each has its advantages, and the right choice for you is going to depend on your priorities and needs.

OEM fairings are those manufactured by the Original Equipment Manufacturer, so if you ride a Honda, then its fairings that you buy directly from Honda.  These are always interchangeable with the ones on your bike from new.

Advantages: individual pieces can be ordered
Disadvantages: Cost, even single pieces can cost hundreds of dollars, and an entire motorcycle is typically between $3000 and $5000 in parts alone.

Replica Fairings look just like OEM fairings, but are manufactured by companies other than the original manufacturer, often at a significant discount.

Advantages: Look identical to OEM fairings, cost effective, easily replaceable, can be customized
Disadvantages: Some vendors quality control can be poor.


Race Fairings are the perfect choice if you’re taking your motorcycle out on track.  The pieces are typically made from durable polymers, and offer simple and easy fitment onto the bike.

Advantages: The cheapest option
Disadvantages: Not street legal, no lights, no turn signals, no paint.

Each of the three options has its unique advantages, and each customer is different:  if you’re not bothered about how your motorcycle looks, and you only use it on tracks or circuits, then Race Fairings are normally the best bet.

For everyone else however, Replica Fairings tend to make the most sense.  They look identical to OEM fairings, but are typically about a quarter of the price.

There are a couple of reasons we recommend buying OEM fairings: if your bike only has a small amount of damage to one or two panels, then buying just those could work out to be the same price as the full set of Replica Fairings, but would be much less work.  Alternatively, if you really value keeping the pieces 100% original at any cost, then OEM is the only way to go.